[Talk-GB] TfL cycle data published - proposed conflation process

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Sun Oct 13 17:34:23 UTC 2019

On Sun, 13 Oct 2019, Mateusz Konieczny wrote:

> (1)
> I would suggest also generatingĀ  big OSM file with this data (without 
> conflation, just what would be imported into unmapped area) and running 
> JOSM validator on it.
> It may find bugs in data, proposed conversion and in JOSM itself.

That's a really great suggestion - have added that in at the end of point 

"This data should be published as an .osm file for community validation. It 
should be run against the JOSM Validator, essentially checking its 
correctness against a theoretical blank map."

> --------
> (2)
> I would advise also consulting
> OSM community after steps 4, 5, 6.
> Just post on talk-gb and process feedback.

Yes, I think this is very important and I included that - see mentions in
5) v.
5) vii.
6) xiii.
6) xiv.
and the addition of the JOSM Validation step noted above.

> ------
> (3)
> What is also missing isĀ  - posting in imports mailing list
> - obtaining permission from OSM community for import (Assuming that 
> process continues to be as great as so far it should be without 
> problems).

I've added in a new point 4, covering these two:

4. Post in the imports mailing list a full description of the proposed 
process, seeking consent:

> - documenting new proposed tags on OSM Wiki and getting feedback

Added in explicitly as part of point 3.

> (Full proposal process is not necessary, but may be considered, but at 
> least post about new proposed tags on tagging mailing list. Things like 
> that often benefit from additional review)
> But mappers should be able to check what exactly will be changed.
> Agreeing on principle that data may be useful
> does not mean that any import is ok.

Agreed, and added in mention of the tagging list.

> ---------
> (4)
> Have you considered importingĀ 
> some topics separately?
> For example - in the first run import just
> bicycle parkings.

Useful suggestion. I thought just starting with a small area would be a 
sensible alpha stage, but actually within that having a single asset type 
first, and then following with the other types when that is successful, is 
a good idea.

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