[Talk-GB] Tagging of shared use paths

Ken Kilfedder spiregrain_osm at ksglp.org.uk
Thu Dec 10 16:28:28 UTC 2020

> ...this distinction doesn't really exist in the UK. The default legal 
> position for for any public highway in the UK is that any permission for 
> any class of user also includes permission for any class of user prior 
> to that in the hierarchy, unless explicitly stated (and signed) 
> otherwise. 

I'm sure that is the legal position.  However, on the ground it's usually perfectly clear whether a way is a cyclepath/cyclelane or a footpath/sidewalk etc.   That's a separate issue to who is allowed on it.  

> [..]
> Personally, I think the default OSM map render should follow that 
> hierarchy, with minor highways and paths having a three-way distinction:
> pedestrians only
> pedestrians and cycles
> all vehicles

I think there are enough items that look and act like a cycles-only way to make it worth having a fourth item in your hierarchy- whatever the legal position.

spiregrain_osm at ksglp.org.uk

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