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OSMAND has recently had some very positive comments about walking on an unrelated (to OSM) forum I use.  It also doesn't appear to render on the basis of whether there is a service=driveway tag at the moment.  In the field, as a walker, given you can download the maps, it is what I would consider suggesting someone try if they asked me rather than the main OSM website.

I've had the debate about the use of track/service some time ago.

I go the impression that highway=track was initially used based on the surface rather than the "function".

I now try and tag on the basis of what I think is the function.  So if it is the highway to an isolated residence or residences (farmyards that have been sold off for housing are quite often multiple residences) or a farmyard (which will include a residence) I would use highway=service and service=driveway.  I would add a surface tag for the surface.  I might even add a tracktype tag as in reality this is just another descriptor for a surface.   If the highway is to farm buildings only (you get isolated barn/s in fields) or into fields I would use highway=track.

One advantage of having service=driveway rendered differently on the main OSM website is that you can use it to QC your use  of this tag!


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On Sat, Dec 12, 2020 at 09:11:32PM +0000, Martin Wynne wrote:
> On 12/12/2020 17:37, Andy Townsend wrote:
> What I'm wondering is how the typical recreational country walker would find
> that map, or get it on their mobile phone app in place of the awful Google
> maps? It's a lot of work to create if no-one ever uses it?

Just to mention that I use navit on my satnavs, and that has a good
"POI" feature which would show benches in the vicinity. I understand
that there is a Android version, so presumably it works on those
types of smartphone.

https://github.com/navit-gps & https://www.navit-project.org/ etc.


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