[Talk-GB] Anglican churches

Mark Goodge mark at good-stuff.co.uk
Fri Dec 18 18:48:25 UTC 2020

On 18/12/2020 18:03, Sean Blanchflower wrote:
> In addition there are many more mapped with various tags (by others) 
> which are in fact closed or redundant churches. I've been marking them 
> as disused:amenity=place_of_worship when I come across them, but there 
> are still many more that I haven't got to. (I may get round to this at 
> some point)

Just out of interest, do we have a consistent tagging scheme for 
churches which are officially redundant but are still consecrated and 
used for other events as well as occasional worship services?

I'm thinking here mainly of CofE buildings that are now maintained by 
the Churches Conservation Trust rather than a local parish or diocese, 
although there are some equivalents from other denominations as well. 
They're not exactly disused, because they are all usually open to the 
public and often host events, including worship services, but they no 
longer host regular parish services and have no resident congregation or 
assigned priest.

So disused:amenity=place_of_worship seems wrong, to me. I think the 
'disused' key is more correct for a former church that is no longer open 
to the public or in use at all, either because it's now privately owned 
or is functionally derelict. But I'm not sure what would be a better 
option for one that is in use but, from a CofE perspective, is 
considered redundant.


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