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Well then, we are talking about where the geographic data is derived from.
Nobody has seen the system yet. A sponsor is ESRI, so it could still be an
OSM basemap. Do OS Open Data maps have enough detail to include footpaths?
And does that stop it being 'open'?

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> Dec 27, 2020, 23:02 by mark at good-stuff.co.uk:
> On 27/12/2020 21:16, Dave F via Talk-GB wrote:
> It's also unclear (to me) who will own the data. Is this a Google model of
> 'you spend your own time collating the data, we'll own it as soon as you
> upload it to us'?
> One of the FAQs is "Will Slow Ways route information be available under a
> Creative Commons license?", and the answer is "Yes".
> https://slowways.uk/frequently-asked-questions/
> However, that's not really a helpful answer. To be reusable, it doesn't
> just need something published under "a" CC licence. There are several CC
> licences that are incompatible with OSM, and with many possible uses of the
> Slow Ways data.
> For example https://www.creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/
> (Commercial use forbidden, Derivative works forbidden) is also a CC licence
> There needs to be a commitment to publishing it under a fully reusable
> licence, compatible with CC-BY, ODbl and OGL. And the open data needs to
> include full geographic coordinates (lines/multilines/polygons), not just
> an overview.
> +1
> If the licence is compatible, I think this could be useful for OSM.
> Although it wouldn't be suitable for creating ways where they don't exists
> in OSM, it could be used to tag ways and relations that already exist, in a
> similar way to the National Cycle Network. But that requires the data to be
> published in a useful format, under a useful licence.
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