[Talk-GB] OSMUK walkers map - GitHub repo and demo now available

Nick Whitelegg nick.whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Wed Dec 30 10:13:57 UTC 2020

Sorry to keep spamming the list, but just a quick further update:

Firstly I have now, following one or two discussions, settled on node.js for the server side technology.

Secondly there is now another version of the demo demo available on my own server, at the URL https://www.free-map.org.uk/. (The intention is to replace my old Freemap site with the new walkers' map, so I figured I'd point free-map.org.uk at it).

This differs from the version on the OSMUK server at in that it covers the whole of England and Wales, but buildings are not shown - this is because I do not have space on the server at the moment to store them.

At some point, at Adam's suggestion, I will probably setup a poll on Loomio to gather ideas for features.


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To follow up on this: I have now added a list of intended features to the README on GitHub. So if you want to contribute to the project, do take a look.

Also if anyone has any other ideas, do create an issue.

One question I do have for possible contributors to the server-side code: are you happy with PHP as a development language? Happy to switch to node.js as an alternative, or even Python; do let me know if you're interested in contributing and have a favoured language.


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Subject: [Talk-GB] OSMUK walkers map - GitHub repo and demo now available

Hello everyone,

To follow up my earlier message about developing an OSMUK walkers' map, I have now got (a very basic and rough and ready version of) the project off the ground, thanks to an offer of hosting from OSMUK via Adam Hoyle.

The demo is at

(sorry, no HTTPS or domain name yet)

The github repo is:


It's very unlikely that I will be able to develop all of this myself, due partly to time constraints and partly because other people will have stronger UX, web design and cartography skills than myself. So contributions are particularly welcome; if you want to contribute do feel free to checkout the repo and submit a PR.

A bit of technical detail: it's using the Tangram client-side vector renderer (https://github.com/tangrams/tangram) together with a quick-hack roll-my-own MVT tile server, which thanks to recent developments in PostGIS is actually very easy. As it's a rough-and-ready demo, no attempt at optimisation has been made yet, also the server is quite low-spec so it might struggle under strain.

Tangram uses a YAML style file which is pretty easy and intuitive to understand and work on; this is available in the repo.

Contours are from OS Open Data and were imported into PostGIS and are served the same way as the OSM layers.


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