[Talk-GB] UPRN & USRN Tagging

Tony OSM tonyosm9 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 3 14:31:10 UTC 2020

As we have access to the data and Robert Whittaker has produced a great 
UPRN locations map, how are we planning to tag OSM objects?

ref:UK:uprn and ref:UK:usrn

have been suggested as tags - I think this is the way to go.

There is also Key:ref:NPLG:UPRN:1 in the wiki.

Question: Should uprn be applied to the building outline or to a node?

The OS data applies them as nodes, they are assigned by local 
authorities to a location as a node.

The uprn is applied to many objects even bus shelters, and individual 
flats within a block; there may be what appear to be duplicates.

I suggest that for OSM buildings or building parts which are 
individually linkable to a uprn then the uprn is assigned to the 
building way outline; otherwise to an OSM node if the mapper deems 

Tony Shield    ---   TonyS999

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