[Talk-GB] Call to action: Translators needed

Kai Michael Poppe - OSM osm at poppe.dev
Sun Jul 12 17:50:43 UTC 2020

Good evening list!

During last week's Missing Maps London event I got to know the mobile App "MapSwipe". This app is used to identify Imagery Tiles with specific features like buildings, roads, etc. in countries with low map coverage (i.e. developing/least developed countries). It is a second-level crowdsourcing platform and it's data is used by the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HotOSM.org) to feed it's taskmanager. From there volounteers use computer-based editors to map the tiles that were marked as having a mappable feature.

Enough marketing talk, this is what this mail is about: The developing team uses Transifex (https://www.transifex.com/mapswipe/mapswipe-app/dashboard/) to translate the strings in the OpenSource-App (https://github.com/mapswipe/mapswipe) and is looking for people who'd love to contribute with more translations or finishing/reviewing the existing languages. Czech only needs review, but Dutch, French, Japanese, Nepali, Persian, Swahili, Hungarian, Indonesia, Russian and Spanish are still missing loads of translated strings.

So, if any of you would be able to help with any of the languages mentioned above (you may also add any other language that you think should be on the app), this would be greatly appreciated!

Please do not hesitate to share this mail with anyone you think could help or cross-post this outside this list, I haven't done so anywhere except the German Telegram Group t.me/OSM_de.

Thank you for reading this far :)


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