[Talk-GB] Surveying rural buildings

Dave Love david.love at oxon.org
Wed Jul 22 21:13:34 UTC 2020

On Mon, 2020-07-20 at 11:29 +0100, Nick wrote:
> Dear all
> I have been mapping a few properties using Bing maps with local 
> knowledge supplemented by some physical measuring (tape measure or 
> simply pacing). I now want to ramp up my mapping but the challenge 
> especially in rural areas is that sometimes the outline of a building
> is 
> not clear - either obscured (e.g. trees) or unclear (e.g. decking or
> car 
> ports). Also some aerial imagery is offset. Also, most of the
> properties 
> are not along public roads. So my question is what are the preferred 
> methods for surveying that others are using?

I don't know about preferred, and it sounds as if you want something
better, but is OS VectorMapLocal any use?  It gives the impression of
being machine-derived from imagery (probably not as well as "osmai" in
JOSM), and needs significant tidying up using good imagery if you care
to do it, but it generally gives a good indication of buildings'
presence, at least.  It definitely won't help with car ports etc.  It
would be interesting to know if it does show buildings that are
obscured in imagery.  I've used it in built-up areas, and I don't
remember relevant cases; in one with trees that I remember checking, it
wasn't recent enough anyway.

I don't think VectorMapLocal is actually listed on the wiki, and it
could do with some notes on using it.  It's definitely made adding
buildings in urban areas easier since I discovered it (from a reference
on a web site using it, not OSM info!).  Then UPRN and land registry
data seem to be useful for splitting building outlines plausibly to aid
address surveys.

> I guess at the back of my mind is what do people perceive as the
> purpose of mapping (hope I have not opened a can of worms).

I see the purpose of adding buildings and then address information
(especially postcodes) as allowing you to find them using the map for
navigation.  Your mileage may vary, so to speak.

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