[Talk-gh] OSM in Ghana, Way forward

Enock Seth Nyamador kwadzo459 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 18 21:45:25 UTC 2016

Good Evening Mappers,

Hope this finds you all in good health. I can say we're almost 30+ on this
list and is because of a common goal; Open Geodata through OpenStreetMap
platform and beyond.

OpenStreetMap as I know is not all about the map data but also community;
the people who make the maps, this got me into sending OSM messages to
users who have mapped in Ghana.

Over this week, myself and other mappers have been thinking out how to we
can grow OpenStreetMap Ghana as a community and whole. As a community what
do we need or need to do; organize mapathons, projects, what problems can
we solve with data from OSM, etc.

Which organizations to partner with? I believe there are companies and
users in Ghana who use data from OSM but just don't know how to give back
not that the're not willing.

Communities needs leaders (not political as in Ghana :D).

Let's keep the discussion going.

OSM Regards,

- Enock
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