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Hi Nora

Sorry for the delay in reply, getting situated in Jerusalem for this month.

In Haiti (and elsewhere) I'm involved in OpenStreetMap 
[http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/WikiProject_Haiti]. The Humanitarian 
OpenStreetMap Team [http://hot.openstreetmap.org/weblog/category/haiti//] 
organized a remote response following the quake, and over the past year has been 
working with COSMHA, the local OpenStreetMap organization. So all the data there 
has been collected within OpenStreetMap, using both GPS survey and aerial 
imagery digitization (which includes Bing imagery, and other sources, but not 
Google because of licensing issues). Slum boundaries would be known by the local 
mappers; the definition of a slum in Haiti is not universal, but in short, I 
believe they're applying the "local" definition of what constitutes an informal 

Where exactly did you find this kmz? I'm happy to coordinate and connect you 
with the team in Haiti, and see if we can come up with more useful data for your 


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Haiti slum kmz? 
Hi Mikel,
I am working as a geographerin Haitiat the Centers for Disease Control 
officehere. I came across your kmz of slums in thePort-au-Prince area, but I 
couldn’t find any background of how you created it. Canyou tell me a little more 
about how you defined the boundariesand differentiated which neighborhoods were 
or weren’t slums?In terms of the actual processing of the data–did you digitize 
the boundaries on Google Earth?
The reason that I’m curious is because I am working onthe spatial epidemiology 
of tuberculosis transmission in places with really high population density like 
IDP camps and slums.I’ve been using the IOM’s census of camps, but hadn’t found 
a parallel source of data for slums until I came across your file. Any 
additional information you can provide would be greatly appreciated!
All the best,
Nora Purcell
Geographer/GIS Analyst
CDC Haiti Office 
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