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Hi Fred,

Great if this data can be hosted on OSM.
Basically, the rules are the ones desbribed in
http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Import/Guidelines, especially:
- have a written doc from IOM stating that this data is compatible with the
ODbL license.
- discussing the import with the OSM imports mailing list
- document the import

Regarding where to host the camps, tell me if I am wrong but there is no
WFS layer provided by IOM for this data, so who should do and host this
layer if it is not hosted in OSM?
Other point on which you may have a better overview: how long IOM is still
expected to stay in Haiti? It might occur OSM leaves the country while
there are still numerous IDP camps. So this data (called Data Tracking
Matrix) would need to be hosted somewhere for being updated by the
remaining hum actors or the Gov of Haiti.
Third point, having this data out of a fee platform is not the easiest way
for people that might like to add supplementary information (eg JP/HRO
whose staff have been trained over the past years) and likely end up to
them using an offline system (shapefiles in a GIS desktop system) so that
their data is not easily with the community.

So there are reasons why it would be interesting to host the DTM data from
now, and others for doing it anyway later. Discussing it from now now does
not harm. For anyone who would like to read the DTM methodology and see the
dataset and, here<http://www.eshelter-cccmhaiti.info/jl/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=11&Url=>
where you can download it.

Staring the discussion, I would say everything in the DTM might not be ODbL
compatible or OSM compatible. IMHO I think we should not include any name
or contact phone, moreover because these people are not all IOM staff.



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> Dear all,
> As you know IOM is editing on the JOSM platform since 2010, especially for
> a risk reduction project in Cite Soleil where we used JOSM  and then Arcgis
> de make some analysis and map.
> We are helping/organizing also Mapping party/training so far, or like today
> helping to make GCP with GPS differential over Haiti, to improve the
> georeferencing of a spot, image Mosaic for the country and available for
> OSM (CNES) .
> Today I have two question:
> I ? Building import on OSM
> IOM staff and Cite Soleil local community group are digitalizing Buildings
> (polygon) and collect basic information on the field (Building type, use
> of, Nbre floor, Nbr of family, etc?)  for a project we have with the
> national office of statistic (IHSI) Pre-Census on the 13 most affected
> communes around 3000 Section d ?enumeration ( 200 building each SDE).
> Today, we would like to put all the building (polygon) we made in Cite
> Soleil (risk Reduction Project) on OSM server (18 000), + Attribute with
> the correct Tag.
> Question:  How I can work directly with a OSM group to import massive data.

> For the moment is only 18 000, but at the end IOM is working on more than
> 200 000 till December 2012, so we can discuss again for the rest, not sure
> yet.
>  I just need to show at least once example in Cite Soleil, and then use
> this data from OSM to make some map, visualization on the web etc.
> To convince people that it is important to share data and put it on OSM .
> Especially when local community use also OSM for their own product, and
> also available for Local government, NGO etc... But that you know already.
> IOM is in charge of updating CAMP situation with his Data tracking Matrix
> DTM (Close, Open, Total Population,?).
> Every 40-60 days we are updating camp information.
> Today we would like to see if we can remove the old camp and put IOM Camp
> on OSM .
> But how to update it on OSM every 40-60 days ( around 1200 camps, on 13
> communes) in our data model we include a time series information to track
> the change.
> For me it is a layer you put on top of OSM on a web application with a
> direct link with the database.
> But we are ready to share as long we are clear with the workflow to update
> it.
> So I have now answer for that, just some questions.
> For any other information please contact me fmoine at iom.int
> All the best Moine Frederic IOM gis officer
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