[Talk-ht] Projet d'amélioration de points de contrôle au sol sur Haïti

Jaakko Helleranta.com jaakko at helleranta.com
Jeu 21 Juin 19:33:31 BST 2012

> Note also that a side product of this project should be to have at least
> some GPS tracks in areas of Haiti where there is currently none.

Related to this: Has anyone hacked a way to download all of Haiti's GPS

Looking at things based on traces' tags there aren't too many GPS traces
uploaded to OSM (with Haiti or haiti tags, that is) -- and I don't think
there are much over a dozen or so users that have uploaded any traces. I'd
be interested to see the coverage of the traces currently in the db. .. And
it would of course also be interesting to see who has uploaded them.

Downloading with JOSM piece by piece is possible but tedious. .. I do have
downloaded traces of a number of the cities already, though, so maybe
continuing that path is an option.

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