[Talk-ht] Projet d'amélioration de points de contrôle au sol sur Haïti

Jean-Guilhem Cailton jgc at arkemie.org
Jeu 21 Juin 18:43:44 BST 2012

Hi Jaakko,

Le 21/06/2012 18:43, Jaakko Helleranta.com a écrit :
> I'm not sure I understood all the key points of the messages. ..
> Hopefully some.

Sorry for having written only in French, as this is likely to be the
main working language for this small project.
> So, the project would bring 100% coverage of 2.5 resolution SPOT
> imagery for Haiti, right?

Right, this would be an outcome from OSM point of view. From CNES point
of view, they wish to see whether this could be a way to improve their
SPOT 5 mosaic covering Haiti, for this Kal-Haiti project (of scientific
data and images for Haiti), to use it as a background on which to later
position other images or objects. For CNES, it is mainly for internal
use for the project and its participants, for scientific and
institutional use.

> And that would be available for OSM usage under the linked license?
> And could then be used if for nothing else but aligning Bing (or
> other) imagery -- if this imagery can be aligned well enough...

Right, this SPOT imagery would be available under the linked license. An
extension/adaptation of this licence to other sensors used in the
Kal-Haiti project (Pleiades, FormoSat, EnviSat, TerraSAR-X) has been
requested and is being considered.

And you are right also, that where Bing imagery is available, it is of
course much easier to trace from it. But it is not always well aligned.

Note also that a side product of this project should be to have at least
some GPS tracks in areas of Haiti where there is currently none.

> This should good to me as even with the newest addition to Bing
> coverage we are missing some areas there -- and there are clear
> problems with the aligning of the Bing imagery.


> Now, for the "alingment points". It would be good to get a .xml
> (/.osm) or .kml file of the chosen points. I guess shapefile is the
> format that they are in currently? (I still don't use "proper" GIS
> systems). Or is there e.g. a shared spreadsheet with the given points
> and their coordinates (with possibly a note on who's checking what and
> based on what)?

Actually they were given to Fred and me in .kml and .csv formats, and I
converted them to .vrt and shapefile for viewing them in QGis (before
updating my GEarth). I still have to make them available, along with
some other info about the project, at least to those who will have
expressed their interest (as you of course just did).

> So, pls let me know how I can help -- or put me in contact with the
> person/people doing this excersice.

Thank you very much for your offer. It is appreciated. I'll keep you

> Cheers,
> -Jaakko


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