[Talk-ht] [HOT] HOT TM jobs for Sandy's affected areas in Haiti/Jos Tasking Manager de zones affectées par Sandy

frmone frmoine at gmail.com
Jeu 8 Nov 20:01:37 GMT 2012


Ok thanks for the feed back it is helpful

Ok for Validator I am talking about school or humanitarian object.

I have such king of information when I am using Validator:

> Presets do not contain property value
> or
> Presets do not contain property key.

But is not important for our purpose.

COULD somebody cross check if we can have the WMS back from Telespatio : 

Is not working and I thing it was aerial photo other Leoagane 15 cm 
(Aerial photo from World Bank).

It could be useful if this wms is activated again. Let see

all the best fred

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