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Rory McCann rory at technomancy.org
Wed Apr 1 14:51:32 UTC 2015

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On 01/04/15 15:38, Rachel Murphy wrote:
> I've uploaded a townland but realise that I need to make a minor
> change to it.  What is the best way to go about editing a boundary
> it once it's been been uploaded?

There's nothing wrong with updating data. As we say, "OpenStreetMap
will never be finished, we'll merely keep better".

If you want to just change the tags of a townland (e.g. name) just
download the area, click on the townland in the relation list in JOSM
(you'll see it as boundary[10] ("NAME HERE", X members) ). Open the
relation editor. Just edit the tags there.

If you want to improve the boundary (i.e. make it more fine grained,
more detailed), then just zoom in to where you want to improve, add
click on the little +'s on the red-black lines that make up the
boundary of the townland. This will add new points to the boundary and
hence tweak it. Or click & drag the yellow squares of the points that
are there. Or delete the yellow square if it's wrong.

If you made a mistake (this happened to me about a week or so ago),
and have forgot to include one field or something, then you need to
remove some edges ("ways") from the townland, and add new edges. This
is easy enough. You should know how to add new ways/edges to the
townland. To remove a way/edge from a townland (in JOSM) click on it
to select it, the tag window will show you "Member Of" and list the
townlands in that 'boundary[10] "NAME"' format. Click on the townland
you want to remove it from, and press the delete button just below. A
window will come up asking if you really want to delete selection from
relation boundary[10]... "Delete from relation" will remove it. The
delete button here is to delete the connection between the way/edge
and the relation, not delete the relation, nor delete the way.

After you've done that, be sure to open up the townland in the
relation editor to ensure that you have the "loop" to show that the
relation hasn't been broken. Before you upload, the JOSM validator
should tell you if you've broken a relation. You'll get a
"Multipolygon is not closed" warning if it doesn't work out.

If you do break it, don't worry. You can send an email to this list to
ask someone to repair it if you want.

Hope that helps,

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