[OSM-talk-ie] Civil Parish and Barony Map Sheets

Donal Diamond donal.diamond at gmail.com
Tue Feb 10 22:28:50 UTC 2015

Good news!

I went hunting for map sheets that show Civil Parish boundaries and found a
new source at NUIG.

Brian Hollinshead (brianh) kindly liased with the James Hardiman Library,
National University of Ireland, Galway and got permission for use of map
sheets for OSM use.


I've uploaded some of the sheets to mapwarper here:


And I've started a map viewer where u can overlay townlands, civil parishes
and baronies at:


Carlow is also available in Josm imagery list.

The Civil parish boundaries on the map sheets correspond to our townland
boundaries quite well but I have found the odd error.  So use the sheets as
a starting point to identify what townlands are in what civil parish.

If in doubt, refer to the 1901 townland index and 1911 supplements on
 1901:  http://url.ie/y5tl              (don't forget to check errata as
 1911:  http://url.ie/y5tm

You can also look at townland lists for each civil parish at:

This database has lists from 1901  which would be preferable than using the
db at seanrua which is based off 1830s index.

Even if you have already finished mapping baronies and civil parishes in
your county, please consider warping the sheet for us. Please able to
return a fully rectified set of sheets to NUIG is a fair exchange for them
making them available to us.



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