[Talk-in] Want to know more about Open Source GIS programming tools

Mikel Maron mikel_maron at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 20 16:11:17 GMT 2008

Hi Shabeer

If you want to build mapping applications on the web, I suggest you look into OpenLayers. (JOSM is strictly a desktop application for editing OpenStreetMap data)


And there are some examples of how to use OpenLayers on top of OpenStreetMap in the wiki.


Hope that helps.


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Hello Maron,

My name is Shabeer, I participated Your workshop regarding Free Map on 
Feb 12-14 2008 @ IIITM-K
I was not able to participate second and third days of your workshop.

As a programmer I want to know more about the Open street map as a 
programmers perspective.
My interest is to develop  web applications which can display maps with 
the following features
  * Panning
  * Zoom in Zoom out
  * Layered features
  * Thematic mapping
  * Length/Area Measurement
  * Adding points, polygons, etc on the map
Using the application JOSM this features are possible. My need is to 
develop such functionalities on Web.
Please help me if You know some Programming resources, APIs etc archive 

Thanks both of You for conducting such a good work shop on GIS with open 
source tools

with regards

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