[Talk-in] What about tagging... Some guideling on wiki?

Tanveer Singh tanveer1979 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 12:20:26 GMT 2008

I am a little confused about how to tag certain POIs and landmarks. On
the Delhi map its all random
1. Malls with shops and restaurants and cinema halls?
2. Malls with shops and eating only
3. Govt buildings like high court, President house, parliament
4. Markets. For example a row of 10-15 shops.
5. Banks with ATM. I cannot give the same point two tags of bank+atm
6. Other govt buildings like exibition centers, RTDC office etc.,
etc., State bhawans.... you get the gist
Some consensus would be great, and then we can start fixing thing

It will be great to have this info on the wiki as well.

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