[Talk-in] Tagging Roads in India

srikrishna das das.srikrishna at gmail.com
Wed Oct 29 10:06:40 GMT 2008


> 0 - 5 km, 6 lane, excellent condition
> 6 - 7 km, 6 lane, under repair
> 8 - 10 km, 6 lane, poor condition, accident prone
> 10 -20 km 4 lane, excellent condition, to be used for demonstration by
> opposition party on wednesday
Excuse my ignorance; how do we get dynamic and fast data for these?
In India, except for on NH, excellent conditions can change to poor
conditions in a flip of the day and any party hosts demonstrations anywhere
and anytime they want.

I started mapping referring to
Are we going to come up/agree with a defined way for India or can people
choose from numerous suggestions on wiki (leading to irregular patterns on
map) ?

Srikrishna Das
(krish at irc.freenode.net)
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