[Talk-in] Newly joined this list... Have been mapping for some time

Tanveer Singh tanveer1979 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 30 08:48:46 GMT 2008

Hi Everyone,
I got to know on this list from our residant fire breather, Kenneth :D.
I live in NCR, and have recently been fixing road names around
Connaught Place area. Many roads like Bhairon Marg etc., were not
mapped, and I intend to keep updating central Delhi.
I have a GPS on which I record trails, and then study them offline.
I also tried some National highway fixing, but then stopped as my
expertise is not really good yet, and I don't want to mess up things.
Now why would NHs need fixing?
The reason is that NHs have been added at the lowest level of zoom,
and many times are 2-3kms off the real road, for example NH15.
Its in remote rajasthan, is two lane tarmac, and due to limitations of
Yahoo imagery, not very visible, so due to rough adding, accuracy
sucks, not an issue for someone who is travelling from city to city,
but for someone who takes an off road trail, in the general direction
of highway, its a big problem.
I guess we need to start working on that, and fix whatever we can. I
have partially fixed Rohtak road, or NH10 for example, inside Delhi
city limits, as the road was mapped 1km off the actual road in Delhi
city, and such vague mapping in a densly populated city makes it very

Another area I have been mapping is Noida.
In future when I have enough GPS trails, I will try to map HP roads,
but due to low resolution of any satellite imagery for that area, its
turning out to be a near impossible task. If anybody has any bright
ideas about how to go about fixing, that, it will be great.

Last but not the least, there is problem of one ways, many roads in
Delhi which are 2 ways have been marked as one way. So I will be
fixing that too.
I think its possible to map important parts of Delhi in 6 months fully.
South Delhi and central south delhi are good, but north Delhi(North of
CP) is like a wasteland, lets get active there.


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