[Talk-in] Newly joined this list... Have been mapping for some time

Kenneth Gonsalves lawgon at au-kbc.org
Thu Oct 30 09:19:36 GMT 2008

On Thursday 30 October 2008 02:18:46 pm Tanveer Singh wrote:
> The reason is that NHs have been added at the lowest level of zoom,
> and many times are 2-3kms off the real road, for example NH15.
> Its in remote rajasthan, is two lane tarmac, and due to limitations of
> Yahoo imagery, not very visible, so due to rough adding, accuracy
> sucks, not an issue for someone who is travelling from city to city,
> but for someone who takes an off road trail, in the general direction
> of highway, its a big problem.

the original data for India was imported from the CIA database, and since 
India was never a target for US invasion, the mapping was pretty rough. So 
you will find the longer roads/highways are very rough. Often straight lines 
between points (two towns) rather than where the actual road meanders - so it 
all needs to be rectified. I find it is easier to delete the whole road and 
retrace it rather than try to repair it.

Kenneth Gonsalves

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