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Thanks for the pointers. I was always wondering, if import multiple boundaries from panchayat to district to state then we would mutliple boundary lines. I guess with this method that would be taken care of? Any ideas how we can fix the already imported boundaries? 


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Subject: [Talk-in] Border state | districts

we'll need relations of type=boundary to tag the borders properly.

there's always only ONE way to define a border. always use the highest appropriate admin_level, ie. if a district border is a state border as well, tag the way as a state border. no names or anything else here, just boundary=administratve and admin_level.

then intoduce several type=boundary relations, one for each administrative unit. for instance: if a district border is a state border as well but not a national border, then you'll need 4 relations: 2 for the districts and another two for the states. the ONE border way is a member of all 4 relations.

hope i meda myself clear, if not see here: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Relation:boundary

or look a himachal, i corrected the borders there yesterday.

regards, micha


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