[Talk-in] GPS retailers in Bangalore

Guillaume Audirac guillaume.audirac at gmail.com
Sat Oct 17 15:46:35 BST 2009


Thanks to all of you for this useful information and advice.

http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/GPS_Reviews , just in case
> you are not aware of it.

I knew it but I like to know some additional experience.

> We tried out several models, and were happy with the Holux, the
> Globalsat DG-100, and the Amod AGL-3080 (all chosen through the
> above Wiki page). All of these are loggers, and do not have maps. If
> I remember correctly, the latter two have significantly higher
> storage capacity.

Good models indeed. The Amod AGL-3080 can store several days of traces. Very
good for a long trip. It is just more tricky to synchronize it to pictures
compared to the Holux M-241 (because the screen is missing).
I will try to find a local retailer first before ordering at
http://www.semsons.com for example.

Don't hesitate to send me other proposals if something new pops up.

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