[Talk-in] veg and non-veg

Guillaume Audirac guillaume.audirac at gmail.com
Wed Oct 21 09:42:07 BST 2009

> I do not agree. This is more fundamental than cuisine in the indian
> context.
> Cuisine could be north indian, continental, chinese, american or what have
> you. The first point for determination of where to eat is veg/non-veg, as
> far
> as India is concerned. This is evidenced by the government making it
> mandatory
> to specify this by red/green circles on all food. For example take chinese
> cuisine (not that chinese in India remotely resembles chinese cuisine),
> this
> is divided again into veg/non-veg. As pointed out this applies also to
> burger
> and pizza joints. So a map catering to indian tastes would make this the
> prime
> designator for restaurants.
Ok, I get the point now.
It would be a kind of sub-attribute requiring amenity = restaurant, and
which could be combined with cuisine = *.
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