[Talk-in] Tagging National Highway 7

Arun Ganesh arun.planemad at gmail.com
Sat Aug 21 18:16:22 BST 2010

I think the consensus is that any NH must be trunk highway. One thing that
needs discussion is weather we tag upgraded sections of NH's (part of NHDP, see
map for reference<http://www.nhai.org/images/Oct09/NHDP%20PH.I,%20II,%20III%20%20(WITH%20STATUS)-Model.jpg>)
as a motorway. These sections (golden quad, nsew corridor etc) have a
superior construction, medians, signages, higher safety standards, service
roads, flyovers and bypasses at villages. Plus they are tolled and have a
higher speed limit.

As such they are superior to the other standard NH roads and i have felt
that they need to be tagged higher than a trunk road. So it would ideally
fall between trunk and a motorway. Long back i had tagged southern sections
of the golden quad as motorways, but i guess there really hasnt been any
agreement on the topic which is the reason for the inconsistent
motorway/trunk tags in some sections. The tagging scheme that i had proposed
long back is still here

Its been hanging like that for a few years now and i think its being
followed more or less, but we still need to make a decision regarding the
upgrade NH's and classification of minor roads, like living_street,
unclassified and highway=road.
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