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Sun Aug 22 05:17:09 BST 2010

Ok, guys. I have found a way around for me rendering. I decided to
change the tagging in my local file to either of the one type and have
them rendered locally and forget about uploading any changes. By this
way I think the data is preserved at the same time my requirement is


On 8/21/10, Arun Ganesh <arun.planemad at gmail.com> wrote:
> I think the consensus is that any NH must be trunk highway. One thing that
> needs discussion is weather we tag upgraded sections of NH's (part of NHDP,
> see
> map for
> reference<http://www.nhai.org/images/Oct09/NHDP%20PH.I,%20II,%20III%20%20(WITH%20STATUS)-Model.jpg>)
> as a motorway. These sections (golden quad, nsew corridor etc) have a
> superior construction, medians, signages, higher safety standards, service
> roads, flyovers and bypasses at villages. Plus they are tolled and have a
> higher speed limit.
> As such they are superior to the other standard NH roads and i have felt
> that they need to be tagged higher than a trunk road. So it would ideally
> fall between trunk and a motorway. Long back i had tagged southern sections
> of the golden quad as motorways, but i guess there really hasnt been any
> agreement on the topic which is the reason for the inconsistent
> motorway/trunk tags in some sections. The tagging scheme that i had proposed
> long back is still here
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tagging_Roads_in_India
> Its been hanging like that for a few years now and i think its being
> followed more or less, but we still need to make a decision regarding the
> upgrade NH's and classification of minor roads, like living_street,
> unclassified and highway=road.
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