[Talk-in] Access to ISRO imagery?

Joseph Koshy joseph.koshy at gmail.com
Wed Apr 27 07:00:15 BST 2011


> The maximum resolution available in Bhuvan/resourcesat itself is only 23.5m,
> which is worse than the  15m/px  landsat imagery in public domain. And we
> want to try to convince ISRO to release higher resolution imagery for osm
> mapping?

The question was whether anyone had tried to contact them and if so, how well
that interaction went.

As to whether ISRO really has higher resolution imagery, according to
the brochure [1]
available on their site: "most of the Indian terrain is covered upto
at least 6 meters
of resolution".

[1]: http://bhuvan.nrsc.gov.in/PDF/Bhuvan%20Brochure%20.pdf

-- Koshy

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