[Talk-in] Mumbai Brownfields

Shekhar Krishnan shekhar at mit.edu
Wed Aug 3 07:26:24 BST 2011


I noticed activity in Mumbai recently by Arun Ganesh (PlaneMad) where a 
lot of "landuse:brownfield" areas are being traced around various 
villages, koliwadas, wadis, slums and mixed-use and industrial settlements.

I know there was some earlier discussion of how to tag so-called "slums" 
but "brownfield" is certainly not appropriate, see the tag which is 
"land scheduled for new development"

It seems that this tag is being used indiscriminately across any cluster 
in Mumbai which appear dense, this covers a wide spectrum of settlements 
that all look the same from a satellite image.

While I am always happy to see more people helping map Mumbai -- there 
are only a handful of us -- I'm opposed in principle to tagging dense 
areas inhabited by 60% of the population as "brownfield".



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