[Talk-in] [OT] Cartonama Conference.

Sajjad Anwar sajjadkm at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 06:34:48 BST 2012

Hello everyone,

Couple of news regarding the conference. We've few interesting proposals
already for the conference, you can view and vote them here
As an active mapping community, We request you guys to propose a session on
the recent experiments and challenges that you have come across. The funnel
is open and accepting proposals.

We are also doing workshops from September 23rd - 25th. The proposals for
the workshop also should go through the funnel. It would be great to learn
about cartographic techniques and several aspects of GIS from the people in
the community. We request you to propose workshop sessions as well to the
funnel. Please feel free to write to me off the list if you have any

The Early Geek tickets expired yesterday, but we've extended it for the OSM
community. Please use the discount code *MapGeek *while registereing here

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