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On Mon, Jul 23, 2012 at 6:08 PM, kenneth gonsalves
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> hi,
> I had addressed a couple of mails on this subject. I think it is time to
> be more elaborate, and we need help from this group to take things
> further.
> Icfoss is an autonomous institution set up by the government of Kerala
> to promote open source (http://icfoss.in/). I happened to meet the
> director at a conference and was surprised to find that he knew what he
> was talking about. He was raving about all the good work a friend of his
> was doing for google maps. I introduced him to osm, and he was
> enthusiastic about the concept and felt a workshop should be conducted
> in tvm to build up the community and to get the government interested.
> After some discussion he has offered to fund the venue, lunch and snacks
> and infrastructure for a one day workshop and he has duly booked a venue
> for the 18th.

Sounds great!
> However he has 2 constraints: 1 he wanted the sanction of the OSM
> community to conduct the workshop - since we do not have a formal
> community here, I contacted Mikel who was good enough to send a formal
> letter of support in his capacity as a member of the OSMF council which
> solved that problems. 2. he needs one or more local volunteers to liase
> with icfoss and do the ground work like making sure the venue is ready,
> registering the delegates etc. Here I am stuck as all the people I knew
> in Kerala are now in Bangalore. The volunteers need not be OSM people -
> people interested in learning about it are enough.

Checking with my friends in Trivandrum. Will ping back if someone is interested.

> There are some more points I need to make, but I want this mail to go
> out today - I will follow up tomorrow. Opportunities like this do not
> come up very often - it would be good for the community if we can make
> best use of it.
> --
> regards
> Kenneth Gonsalves
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