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So what should be done with Mandya is to tag it a municipality or whatever
it is using an appropriate tag/value (say x=India:municipality), and
Cambridge (UK I presume) as say (x=UK:city_council). The OSM offers pretty
much free rein to invent and add tags to fit particular circumstances, such
as national designations. What should not be done is to divert a generally
understood global designation such as 'city' that already has the neutral
population definition. Especially to change it to correspond to a mixture
of regional government designations that may change.  Do people in Mandya
believe that Cambridge is more important than their 'town'?

As to the suggestion that the government has an 'official system', please
document where this policy is stated and how it is being implemented. As
with the spelling of names the government (by which is meant a variety of
governments) probably has a wide variety of ad-hoc systems, mostly invented
by local groups of government officers or individual officers on their own
initiative. ** A standard used by the census and not used by the state
governments or in general usage is just that, of use for the census and
nothing else.

On 10 May 2012 12:13, Shekhar Krishnan <shekhar at mit.edu> wrote:

> On Thursday 10 May 2012 10:45 AM, Arun Ganesh wrote:
>  When the government has an official system of classifying local bodies
>> based on size, economic activity, importance and other factors, why not
>> just map that to the osm tags to avoid ambiguity?
>> The unit of administration is important because that is what determines
>> the level of development, planning, infrastructure and funding of civic
>> services. Mandya (Municipality) and Cambridge (City Council) have the
>> same population, does that mean they are on the same level of importance
>> on a global map?
> AGREE. +1
> S.K.
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