[Talk-in] Classifying places - cities, towns and villages

Arun Ganesh arun.planemad at gmail.com
Fri May 11 06:22:43 BST 2012

Indigomc, let me recap, because we are going in circles:

What should not be done is to divert a generally understood global
> designation such as 'city' that already has the neutral population
> definition.

The so called global definition of a city on the osm wiki has been
arbitrarily defined and has no basis or credibility.

Especially to change it to correspond to a mixture of regional government
> designations that may change.  Do people in Mandya believe that Cambridge
> is more important than their 'town'?

There will arise cases in future where a person from a village, may want
his place to be marked as a town or a city because he feels its important.
It is therefore important to have a clear definition which links official
classification of the place to osm tags and is not ambiguous.

> As to the suggestion that the government has an 'official system', please
> document where this policy is stated and how it is being implemented.

The census 2011 has an official and exhaustive list of populated places
with the classification of the local governing body. It has also
established a system of unique e-governance code for every place
(urban+rural) which is now the standard for future e governance services.
This is the best reference document available to date which records the
nature and size of every place in the country.

>  A standard used by the census and not used by the state governments or in
> general usage is just that, of use for the census and nothing else.
> The census is a collection of recorded facts, if it says Pune is a
municipal corporation, then it is a municipal corporation. It is a central
document which plays a vital role in the planning of essential services for
the next ten years. I would rather have places classified according to the
census, than an arbitrary definition of a mapper sitting in Europe who
thinks that 100,000 is a good number for a place to be called a city.

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