[Talk-in] Editing the OSM, with custom tweaks for Koppal District

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Mon Jul 15 08:23:25 UTC 2013


My name is A. Dhyani, and I'm an interaction designer. I am conduction an experiment which aligns my interests with OSM.

I have been observing a few scenarios where to buy basic medicines is quite an effort,..and I mean both physically and financially at places. But to validate whether this issue 
actually exists, I am doing a 6 day study ( 4days survey, 2 days plotting) in the Koppal District (population 201-250 as per square kilometer as per census 2011) , fairly remote to understand the pain -points of the locals there, and also see the availability of retailers and PHCs, CHCs there.
This exercise is in two parts: 

Survey of the customers 
Understanding the drugs & pharmaceuticals distribution framework

OSM is where I shall be editing and adding data such as streets & pharmaceuticals/ drug stores along with PHCs, CHCs etc. including the present NGOs and their cause there. There are
other data sets I shall be looking to plot over the maps such as population density & I would be using Ushahidi for plotting the supply-demand-access disparity in the given region. 

It would really help if you could point me towards the tools I would be needing for the above purposes I just mentioned.

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