[Talk-in] Automating OSM translation into Indic languages

Sajjad Anwar me at sajjad.in
Mon Apr 6 07:47:35 UTC 2015

>> That would be so wonderful! Would this mean that we
>    1. Extract all the name tags within a bounding box to a
>    spreadsheet/document
>    2. Host the document somewhere for people to edit.
>    3. Update the map with the new tags
Yes. I'm thinking how about we make this a web application? Every time
someone hits save, create a changeset and push it to OSM. Could just have a
basic UI.

> If we have an additional field to crowd source an English-><The Indic
> Language we decide to pick for the first instance of transliteration>
> transliteration for proper nouns in the name tag, it could be useful
> if/when we want to transliterate into other Indic languages later.
> Separating proper nouns is very important I think, since the SILPA
> transliterator seems to transliterate English dictionary words quite well.
> I will try to converse a little more with SILPA soon, and post updates.
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