[Talk-in] Network/Operator tags for railway systems

Shibu Narayanan shibu.narayanan at oracle.com
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Hi all,

I have an android phone.

Which are the good apps to capture data for OSM?  I need an offline solution. 

I mean, on the field, I don’t have to use internet.  I just keep capturing place names , etc..

When I get home, I should have the option to enable wifi and "upload" any data to the osm database.

Any recommendations?


Shibu Narayanan 


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Finished tagging the rest of the Delhi metro network https://github.com/mapbox/mapping/issues/134


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Have added the tags to the yellow line.


Overpass query: http://overpass-turbo.eu/s/cr8


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The network and operator tags are used for customized styling like adding logos to metro station locations and distinguishing different sections of the network like railway zones and divisions.


Just checked the existing data and there is not much use of these tags in India, so it is a good time to propose something we could use in the future. By default we can consider the railway network of the railways in India to be Indian Railways, therefore only exceptions need explicit tagging:


Major non IR networks (acronyms preferred), to be used on route relations and station nodes

`network=DMRC` for Delhi metro
`network=Mumbai Metro`
`network=CMRL` for Chennai metro
`network=BMRC` for Bengaluru metro
`network=JMRC` for Jaipur metro

IR network operators (full name preferred) to be used on objects

`operator=Konkan Railway Corporation`
`operator=Southern Railways`
`operator=Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation`
`operator=Central Railways, Mumbai` for Mumbai division of Central railways



https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rapid_transit_in_India https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zones_and_divisions_of_Indian_Railways

As of now Delhi metro is the biggest non IR network and we can start tagging the stations and routes if there is no objection to using `network=DMRC`



Arun Ganesh 

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Arun Ganesh 

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Arun Ganesh 

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