[Talk-in] Multlingual map on openstreetmap.in

Arun Ganesh arun.planemad at gmail.com
Fri Apr 8 06:52:32 UTC 2016

Many thanks to Naveen for pushing for having Indic language rendering of
the map https://github.com/osm-in/openstreetmap.in/issues/14

Last week, we got out a demo of this live on the OSM India website, you can
try it out there:  http://openstreetmap.in/demo.html

The language switching currently works only for place names upto city
level, but that can be easily expanded as we get more translations in other
languages. Have documented how the map was made here:

The rendering of Indic scripts has some issues as the GL environment does
not have support for complex text shaping. This is being tracked here:

Feel free to get into the OSM India repository and contribute to code
improvements. We can make some really useful demos to showcase with

Arun Ganesh
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