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Ah. Ok. Thanks for the inputs.

The vision is…to empower really small business who are not online but who perform skilled or semi skilled labour and provide valuable services of some sort. Due to a combination of them not being aware of listing sites (like justdial etc), the fee to list being too high, not being internet savvy…they are both not in the public eye and can easily get exploited by middle men. Assuming that they all have mobile numbers and are ok with it being listed, something like this might help.

But of course, if they keep changing their mobile number or even shifting their physical location (which can be the case in Mumbai slums), then I don’t know how to keep the database current and updated if it comes to that. Any thoughts?

I will try out the technical bits first and get comfortable with the process. Then I can train others and build a community around it.

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> Hi,
> Ok, understood.
> So, I had an idea…which is what brought me to OSM in the first place.
> I wish to walk all the streets of Mumbai and catalogue really small or one man businesses (who might not have a clear front or a real estate presence) and catalogue them along with their mobile number. They might get more business and people will know the real backbone of Mumbai better. For e.g. the guy who repairs iron boxes, a setup which makes stainless steel dabs by hand, a newspaper recycling guy etc.
> For this, I found some apps from the OSM help page (Pushpin being one of them), where I can during my walks mark POIs on the fly. I am going to try this out now.
> Can you give me some advice based on your experience on how I can go about this in an efficient manner?
> Sounds like a fascinating idea. It looks like pushpin would just work the best for this.
> Finding the proper way to tag a lot of these shops might be a challenge. Also many of them would not even have a physical shop and just be a table and chair, not sure if anyone has attempted this type of informal feature mapping before. The closest I can think of is the Map Kibera project in Nairobi http://mapkiberaproject.yolasite.com/maps-and-statistics.php <http://mapkiberaproject.yolasite.com/maps-and-statistics.php> that got local people living in a large informal housing settlement to map themselves on OSM.
> The best way to make it more efficient is to get more locals involved.
> On another note, I have some doubts. 
> I wish to document my progress step by step. Also I need to keep track of which streets I covered. Is there an app which keeps track of the route followed?
> Any tracking app will do this for you. I use OSM tracker on Android, maybe something better is available. 
> Is there some automated way to get the OSM data (route and POIs I may mark) which I collect per day onto a blog automatically..say if I walk 10 streets one day and mark 3 POIS, I would like them all to come automatically in a blog entry for that day. Is there any wordpress API integration of some sort for example?
> Don't know about this. The alternative is to write a overpass query that would give these results, and you can just publish a post with a map screenshot and link to Overpass.
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