[Talk-in] Tagging guidelines for buildings

S Garade garade at protonmail.com
Thu Jan 21 03:05:44 UTC 2021

Namaskar / Hello !

I am beginner to OSM and have recently started tagging places in my locality.

I have a question regarding tagging of buildings (or any generic man made structure such as park, land use etc.).
I went through the guidelines at below link but couldn’t find anything relevant to my query.

In some places I have seen building shapes (area) being directly tagged with the building name and amenities etc.
While on the other hand I have also seen separate standalone nodes added in front of buildings shapes, and the tags of the building name being given to those nodes.

- Which of these is a better practice? And why?
- In such cases, is there any standard or recommended way for tagging?

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