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A quick and dirty translation:


Guðmundur Bjarni, an acquaintance of mine, has been in contact with Strætó
(the local bus company) regarding getting his hands on bus data to create a
bus app for smartphones.  A few weeks ago he received an excel spreadsheet,
the names an locations of all Strætó bus stops, with the instructions
that this was "open information he was free to share"  I converted this to
OSM format, http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=kEkiGAHS, using the following
script: https://github.com/nifgraup/straeto-utilities.

Does anyone have any comments on this conversion of mine, i.e., regarding
"stutt nafn" (short name) becoming name and "langt nafn" (long name)
becoming alt_name?

Also, how would it be best to go about joining this data to the data
already in the database?

Note, it is possible we will be receiving more data, e.g., which routes
stop at each station.  An employee of Strætó bs. is composing a policy for
the distribution of data for public use.  This employee has contact
Guðmundur asking what more information could be useful.


/end of translation

Þórir Már

On Mon, Jan 16, 2012 at 7:56 PM, Deppomania - Blog <
deppomania.info at googlemail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> my name is Moritz aka Mr Kanister, I'm from Dortmund/Germany and I've been
> drawing building outlines and adding streets/buildings to relations (stuff
> I can do from such a distance) for some time now.
> As most (every?) message(s) on this mailing list is in Icelandic, it was
> not very useful for me yet ;-)
> And because I do not speak any Icelandic (well, I try to read it, but it's
> difficult) and certain Icelandic letters are not displayed in my mailing
> program at all (even ö, although it's in the German alphabet as well...),
> it's hardly possible for me to understand any message.
> But I saw this message from "Bj?rgvin Ragnarsson" regarding something
> about bus stops and the public transport system in RVK. (Am I right?)
> May you translate what he/you (if the author is reading this) writes?
> English will do just fine.
> I am very curious about public transport data in OpenStreetMap as I rely
> on it a lot so I want to add as much as possible to the data pool ;-)
> And if there's anything else going on besides public transport, just tell
> me (if you want).
> Thank you in advance, Thakk fyrir ;-)
> Moritz aka Mr Kanister
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