[Talk-it] Populated places: how to use is_in tag?

Niccolo Rigacci osm at rigacci.org
Mon Oct 8 09:34:02 BST 2007


I'm about adding about 8000 points of Italian populated places.

The main purpose is to render place names into the map, so a 
minimal tag schema is:

  <node id='-6' action='modify' visible='true' lat='45.438898' lon='12.330918'>
    <tag k='name' v='Venezia' />
    <tag k='place' v='city' />
    <tag k='population' v='271073' />
    <tag k='source' v='geodati.gfoss.it' />
    <tag k='gfoss_id' v='3515' />

this includes "population" and "place" to aid rendering at 
different zoom levels, etc.

The "gfoss_id" is the ID from the geodati.gfoss.it database, the 
source of the data.

On the Italian mailing list it was suggested to add more tags, to 
accomodate the administrative hierarchy:

 Regione -> Provincia -> Comune

It seems that there is not common agreement on how to accomplish 
this. The only pertinent tag seems to be "is_in", but it is so
loosely defined in the wiki.

I think that we must address rendering and searching, without 
overloading the database with unnecessary information that need 
maintenance (and that can be obtained from other sources).

Any suggestion?

Niccolo Rigacci
Firenze - Italy

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