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in vista di prossime presentazioni su OSM verso altri auditori (GFOSS in
primis), penso che questo tipo di statistiche -sempre con la dovuta cautela
nel riportare le dinamiche in contesti differenti- possa interessare per
spiegare cosa può succedere.

un saluto

andrea, noto pibinko

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 I was pondering last week the fact that OSM now has almost exactly 15,000
registered users and that the Ordnance Survey has a total of 1,500 staff. Ok
so the OS guys turn up for work every day and are all focused on the UK and
have all the best gear and most of our registered users don't do a lot, but
OSM has ten times the number of surveyors and many folk at the OS are not
surveying anyway! Wow.

Also, I was looking at the growth rate of registered users on OSM. It took
131 days for the number of OSM mappers to double from 7,500 to 15,000. The
average doubling time since the project had about 900 registered users has
been some 172 days which means that the number of users is going up by about
a factor of four each year.

At a typical urban mapping rate of 500 population per hour per user, these
15,000 users can map at the rate of 7million population per hour. In a year
when we have four times the number of users it will be 28million population
per hour!

Overall, possibly Steve is not going to be far off with his prediction of
having the UK finished in June 2008!

The table below shows the doubling time to date, and projections based on
the average doubling rate to date. Of course better and easier to use tools
will increase the uptake and the productivity.

28 November 2005


01 May 2006



30 October 2006



11 June 2007



20 October 2007



09 April 2008



28 September 2008



19 March 2009



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