[Talk-it] rilascio foto satellitari GeoEye / orbview 3

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist a gmail.com
Mar 17 Gen 2012 16:46:12 GMT

2012/1/17 Maurizio Napolitano <napoogle at gmail.com>:
> ho chiesto anche a chi ha dato la notizia in ML internazionale
> Quando fai il download delle foto ti trovi uno zip che contiene un file di
> testo con una licenza restrittiva
> Spero che USGS lo cambi altrimenti non si capisce

confermo. Tra altro scrivono:

"4.Permitted Uses. You are granted a non-transferable, non-exclusive
right to use the GeoEye
Data as follows:

(a)On computer systems owned or leased by you, provided that  such use
is solely for
internal purposes and the GeoEye Data may not be accessed by third-parties;

(b)You may incorporate any GeoEye Data or representation thereof
within any data,
documents or products, provided that such data,
       documents or products are used solely for internal purposes; and

(c)You may copy the GeoEye Data to the extent necessary to exercise the license
granted hereunder for your internal use.

All rights and uses of the GeoEye Data not expressly granted by this
License are reserved
by GeoEye.

5. Restrictions. You shall not, without prior written permission from GeoEye:

(a)Use, copy, display, modify, create derivative works, merge or
transfer copies of the
GeoEye Data except as expressly provided in this Agreement; or

(b)Sublicense, sell, rent or lease the GeoEye Data or otherwise
transfer or assign the
GeoEye Data to any third-party; or

(c)Alter or remove any copyright notice or proprietary legend
contained in or on the
GeoEye Data and that any embodiment of the GeoEye Data permitted under this
License will contain a notice similar to the following:  "GeoEye Data
is owned by
GeoEye, Inc.  All rights are reserved by GeoEye, Inc."


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