[Talk-it] Fwd: Wikimedia Foundation & OpenStreetMap nel piano annuale WMF

Cristian Consonni kikkocristian a gmail.com
Mer 30 Apr 2014 01:09:27 UTC


volevo farvi notare questo passaggio del (la bozza del) piano annuale
di Wikimedia Foundation:
il piano comprende una significativa espansione del team di
Engineering[1], con un aumento di 22 unità (rispetto alle 84 attuale,
quindi di più del 25%).

== New software engineers ==

«Could you be more specific about what the 14 new Software Engineers will do?»

«Yeah, to a point. Our work in eng/prod overall is very iterative, of
course, and the below is subject to internal and external feedback,
real world experience and the final budget mount. At a high level,
we're not currently planning to build a whole new development team (at
the scale of the Flow or VisualEditor team). Here are a few goals that
have informed the plan:

We're considering a small (roughly 2 person) effort focused on
mapping-related infrastructure which is a shared need for lots of
projects, esp. mobile. This would be similar to our current search
infrastructure effort (also a 2 person effort), delivering the basics
(e.g. robust, scalable OpenStreetMap tiling service) but not yet a
huge amount of new functionality, rather, enabling other teams to then
leverage this in building features/products (e.g. a map-based "nearby"
view for mobile). Underlying hypothesis here is that with the shift to
mobile overall, we'll want to leverage geo-related functionality more
consistently across the board as part of new contributory funnels. We
also know it's high on the community's wishlist.

La risposta è di Erik Moëller, Deputy Director e Vice President of
Engineering and Product Development, in pratica il capo della parte
tecnica di Wikimedia Foundation.



[1] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:APG/Proposals/2013-2014_round2/Wikimedia_Foundation/Proposal_form#Staff_and_long-term_contractors

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