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Simone Cortesi simone a cortesi.com
Mar 29 Dic 2015 13:46:51 UTC

leggendo il messaggio che vi allego sotto, mi è tornata in mente la
vecchia idea di creare uno stile di mappa personalizzato, italiano.

a qualcuno potrebbe interessare disegnare uno stile di mappa?

di fatto è oggi disponibile la tecnologia per distribuire tile sia
vettoriali che raster, abbiamo un po' di hardware dove appoggiare la
cosa e il sistema di creazione dello stile mi sembra piuttosto

Tutorial: http://osm2vectortiles.org/docs/start/
Esempi: http://osm2vectortiles.tileserver.com/ http://osm2vectortiles.org/maps/

lo stile puo' essere disegnato con tilemill o mapbox studio e sfrutta
un sistema molto simile a quello dei CSS.

qualcuno interessato a disegnare?

noi ci mettiamo l'hardware, voi ci mettete la penna...


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From: Petr Pridal <petr.pridal at klokantech.com>
Date: Fri, Dec 18, 2015 at 12:57 AM
Subject: [OSM-dev] OSM Vector Tiles
To: dev at openstreetmap.org


you may be interested in http://osm2vectortiles.org/ project.

It provides:

1) raster tiles made on demand for a custom styled copy of
OpenStreetMap - with software installable even on a low end virtual
server, with three basic steps: Download vector tiles (the world is in
first version 62 GB, extract of countries are available). Dowload a
style project (.tm2). Install a mapnik tileserver to produce raster
tiles on demand (no PostgreSQL required).
Tutorial: http://osm2vectortiles.org/docs/start/.
A typical result may look like: http://maps.klokantech.com/ (try it
with your email address).

2) vector tiles directly usable in MapBox GL libraries, Leaflet or
OpenLayers, which can be easily served from your own server, or used
even offline.
A typical result may look like: http://osm2vectortiles.tileserver.com/
with styling like http://osm2vectortiles.org/maps/

3) process to generate new custom vector tiles from OSM Planet or
extracts. With detailed documentation and guides - all done with
open-source tools. See: http://osm2vectortiles.org/docs/

The open-source project is result of cooperation between Klokan
Technologies GmbH (http://www.klokantech.com/) and students from
Geometa Lab HSR, Switzerland (http://hsr.ch/geometalab) and is build
on top of open standards and technology developed by MapBox Inc.
(http://www.mapbox.com/) - such as the MapBox Studio Classic,
tilelive-js, mapnik-vector-tile, etc.

We would be glad for feedback from the OpenStreetMap community.

Best regards,

Petr Pridal, Ph.D.

Klokan Technologies GmbH
Hofnerstrasse 98, 6314 Unterageri, Switzerland
Tel: +41 (0)41 511 26 12
Email: info at klokantech.com
Web: http://www.klokantech.com/

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