[Talk-it] Aggiornamento dei distributori di carburante

Andrea Musuruane musuruan a gmail.com
Mar 16 Giu 2015 12:38:07 UTC

2015-06-16 14:08 GMT+02:00 Federico Cortese <cortesefed at gmail.com>:

> Infine sarebbe utile capire se usare un source=* per indicare la
> provenienza dei dati o magari inserire un apposito commento nel
> changeset.
> L'account dedicato non credo sia necessario nel momento in cui si fa
> un import puntuale, mentre รจ necessario nel caso di import massivo.


*Create a new user for the import. You must not use your standard OSM user
account. The user page for the account should be used to collate data
relating to the source and contact details for the import. Furthermore, it
means that attribution can often be carried in the account's display name,
or in the account's user page, which is better than putting it as a tag, as
the user's editing history is a permanent record of the source and doesn't
interfere with tags or increase the size of the database as much. For these
reasons, creating a dedicated user account is preferable to using a source
<http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:source>=* tag. For
distributed/community imports, have each person make their own import
account, for example "your osm user name"_import. It is not required that
each import be done under the same user account. *

*Not complying to this rule is one of the reasons that could lead to your
account be temporarily blocked by the DWG
<http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/DWG> *


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