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> Am 04.04.2016 um 19:22 schrieb Paolo Monegato <gato.selvadego a gmail.com>:
> Oltre alla questione che dentro il riverbank il rendering mette tutto in blu (anche le parti dove l'acqua arriva solo con le piene), ma questo imho è problema di rendering.

non so di quale tipo di fiume parliamo, ma vorrei segnalare che il wiki ha delle guidelines dove va messo il riverbank:

In case of rivers with tidal variation of the water level the high tide level should be mapped like in case of natural=coastline.
In case of rivers with strongly varying water levels but without a marked flooding period it is usually better to map the high rather than the low water level.
In the very common case of rivers subject to seasonal flooding with much higher water levels for a relatively short period for example during monsoon season or snow melt and low and relatively constant water levels for the rest of the year it is best not to map the water extent during flooding. A useful rule of thumb would be to map the median of the maximum water levels of all months of the year. For those areas water covered during floods there are some ideas for tagging like Proposed features/floodplainand Key:flood_prone.
Rivers with a fairly constant water level for most of the year often have a clearly visible (though sometimes frequently changing) river bed indicating the normal extent of the river even during the dry season when the actual water levels are much lower.
In case of intermittent rivers it makes sense to map the water extent at times the river is not dry and add intermittent=yes. Care should be taken in regions were water is diverted from the river for irrigation and other purposes since the river often does no more fill the river bed even during the wet season in such cases.
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