[Talk-it] Your experience with Wikimedia Italia being a local OSMF chapter

Michał Brzozowski www.haxor a gmail.com
Mer 12 Dic 2018 11:32:53 UTC

Hi to all Italian mappers,

The Polish OpenStreetMap Association is on the verge of dissolution due to
lack of enough people at the last annual general meeting to run for the
board and the revision commission.

Depending on what the next general meeting will vote for in the January and
what the attendance will be, one of the likely outcomes is dissolution and
transfer of the assets (web domain and funds) to Wikimedia Polska.

As Wikimedia Italia is a local chapter of the OSMF, I'd like to ask you a
few things that hopefully will inform the discussion of our Polish
community and if the dissolution-transfer occurs, could give WMPL an idea
what to go with or improve on.

- How many members of WMIT are actively interested in OSM or joined because
of OSM?

- What part of expenses is related to OSM?

- What types of OSM-related activities does the WMIT organize, finance or
promote? E.g. do you organize conferences, smaller meetings (like mapping
parties), distribute promotional material, run servers (for maps, QA) and
so on?

- Is there demand among companies and government institutions to have some
tangible entity they can talk to about OSM? (In Poland certainly there is.)

- How do the members interested in OSM organize within WMIT? What is the
level of autonomy if any or necessary at all?

- Do you form strategic or one-off partnerships related to OSM with outside

NB: to be clear, I am not writing this in official capacity.

Michał Brzozowski
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