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tatata tatata tatata7 @ gmail.com
2008年 4月 13日 (日) 04:02:43 BST

I think a kind of Gothic characters, especially Round sans,
gives more friendly, free and easy impression to us than
a kind of Ming (Song) characters. I guess this impression
is fit to say join us.
Thus I'd prefer "umeplus-gothic", "epmarugo" or "epmgobld"
for the flyer.

-- Tatata

08/04/13 に Juan Lucas Dominguez Rubio<juan_lucas_dr @ yahoo.com> さんは書きました:
> Hello, Taro-san,
> Thank you for your message.
> I've been having fun today, testing the Japanese fonts I have in my
> computer. You can see the test in this PDF file:
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/images/6/69/Japanese_fonts.pdf
> Please open it and tell me which one is the best font type in your opinion.
> I have my opinion, but I must not choose it because I am not used to the
> Japanese caligraphy... so all of you have to decide which one is the best.
> If someone has a nice font type in your own computer, maybe you can find the
> TTF file that describes it, and if you send it to me, I can do another test.
> Perhaps the TTF file is in your folder:
> C:\Windows\Fonts
> Regards,
> Lucas

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