[OSM-ja] Official list of towns and village in Japan

Shun N. Watanabe shunw @ ics.uci.edu
2009年 12月 8日 (火) 20:24:35 GMT

2009/12/8 Emilie Laffray <emilie.laffray @ gmail.com>:
> 2009/12/8 Taro Kawahara <tarokawa @ mqj.biglobe.ne.jp>
>> It sounds nice! Basically good idea. But, I recommend you should start
>> from the lasdec list first instead of postoffice list, because many
>> cases a village may have several postofficeses, it's not one village per
>> one postoffice in Japan. Some village may have no postoffice, Some
>> village may have 4 or 5 postofficeses due to historical reason. The
>> lasdec list is a complete list of towns in Japan so it is better to use
>> at today's mapping level in Japan.

I don't think lasdec is better. Since a month ago, we have discussed
and confirmed that MLIT Japan's data needs the source tag and the
copyright of the data is still held by MLIT Japan. (Of course, it is
licensed to be copied and modified freely though.) I feel that some
Japanese people hate the data. I welcome public domain sources from

>> But I worry that the lasdec list have kanji presentation only. However,
>> the gns list from nga.mil have english presentation only.

They look Romanized Japanese. We can write it as name:ja_rm=*.
Some of them are written in Kanji.

>> I mean it's probably a lot of hand work necessary. I hope many guys here
>> helps.

a few month ago, we translated all country names on earth by using
I thought that this kind of task table is very useful. How about
making this kind of task list?

>> Probably you're looking line data of border of each ken. list of many
>> points makes a line as you know.
> I am looking for both points, and line data too. My company needs this data,
> and we thought it was only fair to share the results of our work with the
> community. I would actually be interested in 区, 町, 村, 郡 and 市 limits in
> order to form real polygons.

I am a geo-METRY type of person, so I just think we can draw border
lines between points as bisections. Of course, those are very rough
borders. I can make such data if you need.

 Shun N. Watanabe

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